Month: December 2013

Top 13 Points on New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Today is still New Year’s Eve, but I’m not going to be writing tomorrow. This article will cover 13 points on New Year’s resolutions. It is a tradition in the US, and maybe elsewhere as well, to

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Biblical Inerrancy

This article covers some of my current and general thoughts on Biblical Inerrancy. Biblical Inerrancy is a belief about the Bible held by some, or maybe most, Christians. The exact belief varies by person and denomination, but the general idea

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Why Redistribution Results in a Weak Economy

The problem is incentives. I work hard and make an A in class. You are lazy and make a D+. The class average is a B. The professor says, “To be fair, next test everyone will simply earn the average.

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The Death of Old Austrianism

This article will argue that much of the Austrian school of economics is not valid, although it may be resuscitated if certain key steps are quickly taken. The fact that it is not falsifiable makes it not scientific, but not

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3 Principals of American Leadership

American leaders need to have a heart for cooperation. The executive branch of government is a branch of government. The executive branch was not designed to create laws or interpret the law. We have other branches for that. Furthermore, the

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