Month: September 2012

Intelligent Design Skeptics Like Bill Nye and Their Objections

In a previous article I criticized the current relationship between the mainstream scientific community and Macro-evolution. In that article I also briefly mentioned that there is a viable alternative to that theory called Intelligent Design. In this article I briefly

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Voter Manipulation and The Cloward Piven Strategy

Skip forward to 29:47 on this radio archive of Sandy Rios in the Morning. Continue to watch until the 34:07 mark. About 5 minutes worth. You might play it back once to make sure you got the gist of it.

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“Is Gary Johnson Worth It?” With Other Deep and Philosophical Questions.

I was pleasantly surprised when a friend of mine posted this article to Facebook. Who am I kidding. My friend is a stereotypical gung-ho libertarian. I was not surprised in the least that he posted such an article. On the

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Cut The Evolution Crap

Look, the scientific community at large needs to cut the crap. Here is a video from a YouTube channel that I love. Usually this channel does a great job of breaking complex concepts down into short, but still super entertaining,

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Nintendo Heart

The video below was the first song I did in Cubase. Enjoy!

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European Idea of Poverty is Wrong

Here’s a video that tries to define poverty: As you can see the definition is shaky at best. If poverty means not being able to pay rent or see a doctor when you should then even myself and most of

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